Bolsas de estudo

  • Scholarships will cover the Registration fee. Partial scholarships will be offered to students who demonstrate merit and financial need, and become available to work as EIPP monitors.

  • Participants who have an advanced level of English will be given priority scholarships and will be available to assist in translation during the EIPP.

  • To apply for the scholarships, the candidate must fill out the application form for scholarships, and send two specially recorded Youtube links for the with contrasting repertoire, demonstrating their ability in the instrument. The candidate should also send a letter of recommendation signed by the current teacher by uploading directly to the festival’s website. The candidate should also write one to three paragraphs justifying the reasons for the need for scholarships.

  • The EIPP is a non-profit event and basically maintained by the partnership between the faculty and registration fees. The deadline for the applications for scholarships is May 30 and the results will be announced by email until June 5.

  • Applicants who receive full scholarships will be exempt from the registration fee and must pay R$100 for the expenses of materials (T-shirt, briefcase, pen, booklet, handouts). Applicants who receive partial scholarships must pay the rest of the registration fee until June 15 to confirm attendance.


  • Young Artists * (4 scholarships)
    Full scholarship for young talents. Holders of this scholarship must be present every day of the EIPP and will have the opportunity to perform solo recital (50 min or 30 min repertoire **)

  • Production Assistant (2 scholarships)
    To assist the production director

  • Administration Assistant  (2 scholarships)
    To assist the administrative director             

  • Artistic Director Assistant (2 scholarships)
    To assist the artistic director                                                    

  • English Translator (4 scholarships)
    To translate de lectures, round tables and to help foreigner professors

  • Mahle Room Assistant (6 scholarships)
    To assist the the Mahle room preparation before and after every event

  • Recepcionists (4 scholarships)
    To receive the guests on recitals and to assist the tickets and cds sale

  • Filming Assistant (4 scholarships)
    To assist the event video recording

* Those granted the “Young Artists” scholarship will be given 100% registration fee exemption , however, they must pay the R$100 reais tax intended for materials (Pens, folders, t-shirts, copies)
** “Young Artists candidates must send a word file on the form with the program they intend to present at the event.

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